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MCR itw in Australia

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Nový rozhovor s Mikeym a Gerardom

Video: My Chemical Romance signing at JB Hi-Fi

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Video si môžete pozrieť na tomto odkaze: HERE

Hundreds of My Chemical Romance fans rocked up at JB Hifi with artwork, CDs, posters, photographs, and items of clothing for their idols to sign on January 30, 2012 in Melbourne.
The New Jersey rockers are currently Down Under for Big Day Out and a string of ripper sideshows.

Fans were screaming, yelling, crying and some even hyperventilated after getting the chance to meet and greet band members Mikey Way, Gerard Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro.

Little friend :)

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Mám dojem, že možno by mohlo ísť o toho chlapca, ktorého tweet som vám sem hodila tuším včera/predvčerom...:) vcelku milé od chalanov, že ho vzali na pódium, čo poviete? :)

Ako Frank napísal...

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...dnes MCR odohrali svoju poslednú show (samostatnú...ešte im ostáva pár vystúpení na BDO) s tématikou Danger Days. Ale to ubehlo, že? :) :)

NEW photo of MCR

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Brotherly love

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Krátke interview s Rayom a Mikeym zo zákulisia BDO

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Pretočte video na čas 3:18

JB Hi-Fi signing.

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VIac fotiek z autogramiády nájdete here a here.

Hot hot day! :D

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Verí sa tam, ale ten sveter nevyzlečie...#fucklogic xD

Frank sa ozval :)

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Meetin Ray Toro :)

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So I spent the day at Big Day Out, saw My Chemical Romance from the front of the barrier, I managed to get Mikey's pick. It was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced.
But after that ended at around 8.30 Courtney and me decided to leave because we were getting tired, when we were waiting for my parents out the front of the venue we saw Ray fucking Toro walking towards a car, so we went up to him and told him how amazing the performance was, he commented on how he remembered Courtney from the airport, then we asked him for some photos which he then replied with;
'You know I'm actually really worn out from that set, and I really need to get back and take a shower. I'm not the best at the moment to take a photo. I'll tell you guys where I will be later on if you're wanting to meet me at a better time drop by and I'll be happy to'
That's not his exact words ofc because I'm not going to reveal where Ray was around incase he's still around there.
But then later on (9.30 as he told us) we drove down there with my parents and we saw Ray and 4 other people he was with. I'm not sure but I think one of them was James. We went up to him and talked to him for about 3 minutes then we got some photos and he apologised that he had to leave in a little hurry because he was going somewhere with the other guys.

G. Way

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We are all in this together :)

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Krásne :)

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